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3D Printer Parts and CNC Router Parts Manufacturer

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3D printer parts manufacturer

Jiesheng Hardware is your professional CNC machining manufacturer for 3D printer parts, CNC router parts.

The primary goal was to meet a demand for precision metal parts of CNC router and 3D printer that is sufficiently precise, reliable, and easy to maintain.

The main products as following:

Nut Fa'alē

The eccentric nuts allow you to adjust the tension of your V-wheels. The general is to tension the wheel against the rail enough to initiate contact, but not too much to cause them to crush. The below 5 types of eccentric nuts, also named eccentric spacer mo lo outou faasinomaga.

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Mauga Spindle

These high quality router spindle mount are perfect for any CNC Router Machine. It has a 65mm and 80mm inner. It can easily work with any other router/spindle. It can be mounted in a number of ways to V-Slot extrusion, with either through bolts or corner brackets.Adjustable faceplate accommodates size variation.

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Vili faovilivili

A lead screw (or ball screw) is a screw used as a linkage in a machine, to translate turning motion into linear motion.

Lead screws are manufactured in the same way as other thread forms (they may be rolled, cut, cnc machining or ground).

A lead screw is sometimes used with a lead nut which allows the nut to be disengaged from the threads and moved axially, independently of the screw's rotation.

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And the other spare parts for 3D printer and CNC router

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Jog knob

Ipu alumini

Nut block

V Wheel

Faovilivili faovilivili

Taimi Pulley

We specialize in offering quality metal parts for the 3D printer and CNC router industry at affordable prices. Contact us today for a free quote!