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Aisea e Fa'aaoga ai Nuts Eccentric I luga o 3D Printers ma CNC routers?

Taimi: 2023-02-23 Hits: 47

Eccentric Spacers/Eccentric Nut is the solution to adjust your V-Slot Wheels onto your V-Slot aluminum extrusion. Perfect solution for creating a pre-load from the V-Wheels to the V-Slot Linear Rail. Using eccentric spacers allows your linear systems to have smooth, wobble-free motion.

These eccentric nuts are a revision of the standard eccentric nuts. 

These Stainless Steel Eccentric Nuts feature the following:

✔A larger bearing surface reduces deflection as the nut is tensioned.

✔The Eccentric Spacers come with a divot on the outside which allows you to know at all times where the smallest part of the cam hole is.

✔Deeper threads. 

✔Longer neck to reach deeper into the steel axis plates

Eccentric Nut (13)

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