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Pusa Toe Fa'alelei Valve: Ki i le Fa'alauteleina o le Umi o Meafaigaluega mo le Suau'u

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Our high pressure plug valve kit manufactured to strict standards to improve seal and reduce actuating torque , field proven-units that provide dependable service for flow control valves. tone Technology is your flow control valve parts specialist. We offer both Full Port and Reduced Port Low Torque Kit Options. Plug valve kit are currently available in 1*2″, 2*2″, 3*3″,4*4″sizes.


Size        Working Pressure   

1" x 2" 150215,000 PSI

2" x 2" 150215,000 PSI

3" x 3" 150215,000 PSI

4" x 4" 150215,000 PSI

plug valve repair kits (1)


Plug valve swivel join repair kits for both standard service swivel joints

 It includes grease retainer, O rings, packing, internal circlip, ball stopper, steel ball, oil plug and etc..


1" x 2" 1502 plug valvetoe faaleleiapusa

2" x 2" 1502 plug valvetoe faaleleiapusa

3" x 3" 1502 plug valvetoe faaleleiapusa

4" x 4" 1502 plug valvetoe faaleleiapusa

plug valve soft kit




Etone Tekonolosiis a professional manufacturer that focuses on Oilfield Drilling Equipment Spare Parts. Not only standard API valves and seats but also customized valves and seats as per your drawings.


Our main products are plug valve parts(plug, inserts), check valve parts(flapper, pin), frac pump parts(plunger pump packing, valves & seats, polyurethane valve inserts), mud pump parts and ring joint gaskets etc. All products are produced strictly in accordance with the API standard.


The main materials include 40CrNiMo, 20CrMnTi, 8620H, G20, 4130 steel, PH17-4, SUS316, SUS304, polyurethane and HNBR.


We have successfully passed the ISO9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 and the certifications.

With a primary thought, we can offer you a one-stop service!